God is Everywhere

from The Crown of Thorns, page 70

From time immemorial, the most primitive of mankind started their belief in God on pure faith. They knew intuitively of the Higher Power that sustained all life on earth and worshipped God via that inner sense of knowing. They divided their faith into many gods, such as the god of fire, the god of earth, the god of water, etc. For them, all of planet Earth was clothed in the robes of Holiness and Divine Power. There was nothing they saw that was outside the realm of the One Father. Even a stone from the river was a god to them as they saw everything as One and United by God. Over the centuries, mankind began to lose that natural faith and became more jaded; people wanted proof of God. Rather a laughable concept, as God is everywhere and in everything. And so Miracles became the norm as God began to humor His children of Earth. "You do not see me in the light of the sun that warms you and feeds life to you? Here then is proof of the love you seek." And so water was made into wine and countless other miracles performed for the skeptics and doubters. All that was done out of divine compassion and mercy for those who would otherwise fall far from the path of righteousness and lose themselves in pits of despair from which they would spend centuries held captive by their own ignorance. God took pity on them. But for those who do not require such proof as miracles, for those who love God on faith alone, there is heaven on earth in every little detail of life. The natural miracle of the bud blossoming into a rose is closer to God than gold and will lead the seeker to the secret chambers of divine bliss and knowledge if they will accept that God is in all of life, both large and small.

Let me tell you this: the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven can be found in one petal from a rose if you have faith that this is so. Do not be swayed by grand events and trumpets blowing. God is in the little, daily, ordinary things of life; seekest thou there first.