from Messengers of God, page 76

Humility comes from recognition that soul is one with God, never the whole of God, but part of it. Humility does not mean or involve humiliation or degradation; however, such acts may be the fire that melts and forges the metal of soul to develop humility. A truly humble person knows that he or she is not God in Its entirety, but does contain a strong connection, a flame within. False humility is a sham, not humility at all, but a ruse set to deceive. It is important to distinguish between the two. Humility allows a person or soul to recognize its true place in the natural order, as a worthwhile child of God in service, a servant, with gifts, with shortcomings, with tenderness, but without boastfulness. Humility is balanced, quiet, serene, peaceful, and receptive. It involves centering oneself, dwelling in the heart center, being acquainted with the divine in one of its many channels. A truly spiritual person, whether a "true believer" of a major world religion or a person who loves the natural world and rejects orthodox religion, holds a humble central space within, where honor, love, peace, and truth can be conceived and birthed. Such a person begins to sincerely realize another's struggle through similar processes and begins to have and show compassion for those who cannot possibly display perfect behavior in every moment.

Humility is the birthplace of compassion. Humility is the path to the eyes, ears, heart and soul of God.