Life is Your Best Mirror

from The Discovery of Self, page 123

The quietude or noise of the outside of your life right now reflects you -- your Inner peace or turmoil. Notice in this and other moments throughout your day what happens all around you and your responses to it. Life mirrors you as much as you mirror life; it is a constant dance and interplay of energy and consciousness or unconsciousness. Give the love to others that God pours into you; mirror the face of the Divine in the quietude of your heart and mind, without words. Learn to live in a constant state of love, give up complaining, and observe the Law of Silence about your hardships and Inner lessons. Walk through the valley of life with your loved ones and neighbors, with spiritual armor on –impenetrable invisible shields that allow the tremendous love and energy of God to flow into and through you but do not allow the unsavory darkness of others to invade you. Yes, there is more than one shield. Upliftment in consciousness now builds a solid base for your future and for those around you, much more than money in the bank or under the mattress, extra food and blankets in the cellar, or other preparations for catastrophe. Changes will not come as you imagine. Your consciousness is the only asset you own. You must stay ever open and vigilant to God's whispers and messages, not those of your ego or mind, and act on your highest Inner guidance immediately and without question.