Love in Action

from Paramitas, the Gathering of Many Rivers, page 162

"Love in Action" is the highest form of service to humanity and the highest level of communication with the Spiritual Hierarchies while inhabiting a human shell. Do all in the name of Love. Ask for nothing in return but to give for the sake of giving. Follow the example of Mother Theresa, who gave of herself 100% in all that she did to alleviate the suffering and poverty of those around her. She gave no thought to how she was perceived or acknowledged and sought only to exemplify the glory of the Lord that she so

dearly loved. She acted with humility and grace and infinite patience and faith; for often times faith was her only lantern in the darkness. This does not mean that one must give their entire life to serving humanity in the way of this modern day saint, or that they must serve a spiritual Master like Jesus or even God Itself; any service done with love for its own sake is a force that stands on its own merit and is recognized by the Spiritual Hierarchies as an act of selflessness. The development of the selfless heart through acts of love toward others will stimulate higher soul creativity as each action grows from the dynamic of the previous one and new ways of living and giving are presented to the consciousness of soul.