Love Between Man and Woman

from The Discovery of Self, page 123

Love between man and woman is and was created to be a sacred expression of divine unconditional love between equal souls united in the presence of the larger Creator God. An intimate relationship is often the most passionate and exuberant of any love. Since unconditional love spans all realms and worlds, the energy can be tremendous, but inexperienced and untrained souls may not have the ability to hold these great energies, which leads to distortion of their expression and too often lead to betrayal and murder.

The sacred bond created, intended, and built into the DNA of the animal kingdom is not just for procreation; it is for the reunion of opposites, for the giving and receiving, for the blending and balancing of energies and consciousness in service to the Greater Good. When the union of man and woman is consciously devoted to God and in service to each other and the greater whole, then Heaven and Earth will move to see that this love is allowed to create and give its gifts to all within its sphere. In this way, the couple's love becomes a manifestation of God's love for all life.