The perceptual similarities of courtship between man and woman

What is the purpose of courtship between a man and a woman? Many, then and now, perceive that it is simply to mate. In an ideal world, courtship is to come together to create and grow love, to create a bond and foundation for partnership, perhaps for carrying out of life missions, to create babies and families with the hope of stability to raise human beings in safety from the harsh outer environment. The union of male and female is a union of opposites, a way to evolve self and soul, to come to know unconditional devotional love of parents, family, community, and the Creator of Life for various parts of life. While the outer trappings of courtship may be perceived as different across time and culture, little has really changed. One sees and desires the other, or at best, both recognize the divinity in each other's hearts and ignite an eternal flame. Sometimes a man and a woman meet on the physical plane for the very first time, but many times that first glance contains recognition of souls who have met and journeyed before. Conventions of certain cultures hold the couple apart and necessitate a gentle pursuit, patience and yearning, a gestation period. The courtship and marriage of opposites that appears so ideal and luscious in the beginning sets the stage for containment of desires, exploration beyond limits of expectation, and knowledge and expansion of boundaries of wisdom, patience, and testing of freedom and acceptance. Courtship rituals may change, but the fiery lust and bonding power are age old and eternal. To taste the new possibility of ecstatic union with another human being gives souls a taste of the divine union between soul and God/dess. It is a microcosm of the macrocosm, far beyond each physical organism.

Guardians of the Gates, Page 187. Bridgit of Scotland