Refinement of Karma

"What karma is and how it is refined to the concept of "cause and effect"

Karma is the spiritual line of sight, the way and manner Sugmad (also known as God) has chosen to allow Soul to recognize its divinity, its eternal nature. By creative action, Soul can set into motion causes that produce effects; Soul can create in the Higher Realms of it own beingness and bring that energy through to the lowest levels of emotion and physical manifestation. Karma is the mechanism that connects the Inner and Outer, to see and understand the immense power of our spiritual nature. What starts on the Inner causes energetic ripples congealing into form and motion. Karma is the interplay of Light and Sound with material creation.

The concept of cause and effect is a simplified way to view the phenomenon of karma, for the analytical mind to grasp and use. The more the mind is educated to the ways of the Physical and Mental Worlds though logic and mathematics,the more the mind runs in groves that keep it flowing in one direction. Developed Western countries rely more and more on mental processes and perceptions, which limit humankind's ability to see the truth of what is going on at any given time. This is one of countless examples of cultural karma...

Discovery of Self, pg. 2