Why God seekers have chosen The Way of Truth

"Many God seekers chose The Way of Truth as their Path to God Realization because they have studied countless other paths with other teachers, including ascended teachers known in The Way of Truth, in this or past lifetimes. Whether the mind remembers it or not, Soul learns from each experience. When souls have learned all they can and have ventured as far as they can go in their religion or spiritual path, they need a new teacher who can extend their training. Advanced souls who are ready to journey beyond Self Realization need a spiritual teacher who has mastered God Realization, if knowing and serving God is their goal.

Many God seekers become participants of The Way of Truth when they have come to a place within their consciousness when they know that they are ready to take their next step along their journey into higher realms of beingness. When they are ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes, they will have varying measures of success, in accordance with their states of consciousness. The Way of Truth offers something quite unique and vital: it is both interdimensional and inter-denominational. The Way of Truth offers a Living Master, the living embodiment of the Light and Sound of God, plus a description of and techniques to access many ascending states of spiritual awareness. The    training offered happens in both the Outer and Inner Planes. These aspects are lacking for many God seekers along their other paths. All hungry souls are welcome to give new life  and vitality to their religions, if they find forays into the Inner Worlds of interest and not a threat. Many leaders of various organized religions have studied with The Way of Truth to gain deeper insight into their own religions."

Discovery of Self, pg. 176