The Spiritual Rise of Women

from Guardians of the Gates of Heaven, page 21

The world is escalating in a feverous pitch and pace. So much is happening on all fronts as the earth and spiritual worlds are literally exploding with creativity in all directions. Avenues of business and commerce, government and international development, and the arts and the information superhighways are exciting souls to go where they have never gone before. Many souls are advancing to higher realms spiritually and find that it has too long been a "good old boys club" in the area of spiritual, governmental, and corporate leadership. Many females have made it into the highest realms of spiritual mastery. Women of earth are hungry for the feminine version, vision and voice. Many men are, too. We know that male and female are opposing and complimentary creations. It is no longer acceptable to see and hear only one side of the story. People need role models to inspire their courage and open realms of understanding not otherwise conceivable. We are coming forth because we now have a means to do so.