The spiritual virtues God seekers must develop on their way to God Realization

God seekers must develop many spiritual virtues. First and
foremost, the seeker must learn to stay open and focused on
the Heart Center at all times, surrendering to the flow of the
Love and Light and Sound of God. God emits pure
Unconditional Love, so if the seeker wishes to channel the
God energies, s/he must be prepared and committed to
continually remain open to the flow of increasingly stronger
God energies in order to accomplish God‘s goals. Awareness
of the process is essential. The seeker must awaken to and
accept truth, realign with the proper flow of Spirit, and
remain in balance for the God energies to use him or her as It
sees fit. The seeker must be willing to give up many former
treasures: anger, bitterness, grudges, attachments to material
gain, vanity, greed, the ego, self-will, boastfulness, the need
to be acknowledged and admired, depression, mental
conceptions reflecting the social consciousness, wrong
thinking, connections with the dark forces, and other habits
that hinder the flow of Spirit. The seeker must learn to create
its unique place in the grand scheme of forces that are totally
beyond its ken. The God seeker must learn to master the
Law of Silence in matters of spiritual importance in order to
understand without interruption and learn to handle the
increased God energies coming into its bodies. Self
Realization is a needed step along the path. Giving to others
without thought of reward refines the soul and allows the
Inner bodies to shine with the glory of God. Listening to the
Inner nudges of the Inner Teacher and other Inner Masters
of the Grand Council and acting without reservation to
spiritual directions given becomes vital. Many God seekers
fall under the rigor of the training given as they grow
toward becoming a member of the spiritual hierarchy and
working as a team member without resistance to directions
imparted. Spiritual training is an essential task and privilege.

Discovery of Self, pg. 180

Sri Michael