How Technology is Robbing Our Children of Their Innocence

from The Discovery of Self, page 125

Technology robs children of their innocence in many overt and covert ways. In primitive societies, children learn from natural cycles of life. They watch adults manifest food from the ground, observe how usable goods are fashioned from raw materials, and watch how other provisions are made for basic needs and enjoyment. They listen to stories at mealtime and ceremonial gatherings, which are told by elders who care about maintaining standards for the survival of their community. Children who watch cartoons and other programs on television, and who play video games become enamored with fast paced, highly stimulating, sexualized, and violent material. If parents and caregivers reinforce the notion, children may come to understand on an intellectual level that such forms of entertainment are not reality but merely fantasy. However, on a much more influential emotional level, children do not comprehend this difference. They become physically and chemically addicted to excitement and the hormones cursing through their brains and bodies; they develop no realistic grasp on the threat of danger.

Repeatedly exposed to unnatural levels of stimulation created by someone else, children lose or never develop their own natural motivation and ability to create, explore their personal and unique Inner Worlds, listen to the still soft voice within, and surrender to a larger world of spiritual mystery. Life for them becomes a quest for external stimulation, instant gratification, entertainment, and sensual fulfillment, and the more the better. Since few can creatively compete with highly paid teams of geniuses that thrive on corporate greed, children may unconsciously believe they are not talented, can never compete, and are not good enough. Cartoons, movies, sports, and news programs expose young minds to so much violence, out-of-context sex, and a general lack of compassion. Winning for thrills, conquering, and annihilating become the coveted goal and grand prize. Hypnotized by mass media, children learn to get one over on the next guy, to win at the expense of all else, to conform to a projected image, to consume, to manipulate, or retreat into their own shells.

Through technology, children are given an acceptable way to avoid contact with others, further denying needed interactions that would teach everyone involved how to handle their emotions and energy, refine their communication skills, and generally manage their energy. In the confines of their own little high-tech worlds, safely buffeted from bothering mom and dad, children are now being seen and told they are good and well behaved for appearing docile and compliant. Thus their social and coping skills are diminished.

This loss of innocence, imagination, and skills lead to a fragmentary understanding of love between man and woman. Since people are attracted to others of parallel consciousness and frequency, high tech children are drawn to similar fragmented beings who have never developed an understanding of who they are. Two half beings do not unite to make a whole being. They just know they need something they do not have and want to get it by any shortcut method at their disposal. Their ―love is in reality only an addiction, a need for gratification from an external source.

Without self-awareness, discipline, and skills, a man and woman will not be able to live harmoniously together in their full aliveness. Witness how so many couples begin with romance and passionate love, similar to an enjoyable movie, but after a few months, end up taking so much from the other or taking their partner for granted. They are not acting out of love anymore, but out of personal egotistic gratification. Love gives. Taking sucks the vitality out of a relationship. Unconditional love must be the foundation and the building blocks of daily living within any relationship or it will disintegrate.