Truth Cannot be Hidden From the Selfless Heart

How the God seeker discerns what truth is in what is read,
heard, and learned.

Truth, a frequency of love, is forever present in the eye of the
selfless heart. It shines brightly as to be found even when it is
veiled by those of lesser virtue. Every mode of communication
carries this vibration of truth, and when we have attuned ourselves
to the love of God, it will resonate when we encounter it in speech,
writing and prophecy. Truth cannot be hidden from the selfless
sacred heart of the God seeker. Its vibration is one that is well
learned as we have traveled through the lower realms of duality
and illusion. This universe is comprised of the great truth of love in
many forms, and as we open ourselves to the complete love of
Sugmad, we respond to truth when we experience the
consciousness of God within us. My experience is shared with you
in these exchanges as truth that I have brought back from across
existence itself.

Babaji, Page 60