What God Realization means and how it affects the personality and character of the God seeker

from Discovery of Self, page 183

God Realization is a point of perfect balance in the heart of the entity known as Sugmad. It is the beginning and ending of all existence and energetic resonance in this sphere of existence. Since Unconditional Love for all life is a central defining feature of this Heart, the personality and character of the God seeker transforms into pure unconditional love. A God seeker who lives in this exalted state loves and respects other souls in ways seemingly incomprehensible to the normal human consciousness. A God Realized soul gives love in every situation, regardless of their personal emotional condition. He or she gives freedom to others to make whatever choices they need to make or are confined to make according to their Life Contracts. Their character is of the highest ethics, since hurting another or deterring them from their chosen path is forbidden. Personal sacrifices for the good of the whole are common, but God Realized beings also know how to protect themselves and their personal and collective missions, which are paramount to their lives and the common good. God Realized individuals are no longer interested in only their own welfare, for the welfare of their entire nation and global community becomes their primary focus. They treasure personal pleasure and enjoyment, but even more, they gain great pleasure in seeing the happiness of others, and they are willing and eager to sacrifice immediate gratification for the greater goals and good. The God seeker has at last become the God giver, for they can give and receive in balanced measure, taking their greatest pleasure in the opening of the hearts of others. Gone are interests in personal recognition. They tend to be quiet, modest, self-effacing, unassuming, balanced, and poised in humility and total surrender to the greatest of God energies.You can recognize them by their quiet and gentle but powerful strength of character and demeanor.