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The Way of Truth

All Seekers, All Religions Welcome

The Way of Truth is not a religion; it is a place of spiritual learning. As such, members of all faiths are welcome to study our works at whatever level they choose, informally or as Friends... (read more)


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The Word of God is LAW. What is that law? Love, kindness, respect, and equality for ALL.

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Who is Michael Owens?

Michael Edward Owens is the founder and the head of The Way of Truth. His experiences with God at a deep level began... (read more)

What We Offer

The Way of Truth offers the participant the opportunity to find new vistas of love within his or her own heart. Teachings and exercises... (read more)

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Signing up as a friend for The Way of Truth is a way to further accelerate your growth in opening your heart to God's Love... (read more)