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The Way of Truth

All Seekers, All Religions Welcome


The Way of Truth is viewed as a spiritual school by many while for many others it serves as their primary religious pursuit.  It is a place where the serious God seeker will find a never ending curriculum. (read more)


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Join us for a Live Teleconference with Sri Michael Owens

Spiritual Comfort - The Language of the Heart Teleconference Series

Join Sri Michael Owens for an hour long discussion of important spiritual topics based on his popular work, "Spiritual Comfort  - The Language of the Heart."  Spiritual Exercises will be presented to help strengthen your relationship with Spirit and Divine Love.  

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"How the seeker finds a spiritual teacher who is fitted to their spiritual goals

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

The need to stay with the spiritual exercises to maintain an open and receptive heart is paramount at this time in your journey. From the inner guidance you will be put into the right trajectory to meet with the one to take you through this unfoldment with love and caring. The Way of Truth has been given for this task, and Dan Rin is best suited for this time to guide the quantity of souls that are approaching this level of awareness. This has been at the request of the Ancient Ones to bring new order to this universe at this time of its new beginnings."

Babaji, pg. 24
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Who is Michael Owens?

Michael Edward Owens is the founder and the head of The Way of Truth. His experiences with God at a deep level began... (read more)

What We Offer

The Way of Truth offers the participant the opportunity to find new vistas of love within his or her own heart. Teachings and exercises... (read more)

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Signing up as a friend for The Way of Truth is a way to further accelerate your growth in opening your heart to God's Love... (read more)